The task of becoming sea-worthy

The First Day…

So today was the first day I was at the boat.  Took 400 hi-res photos so I can inspect her more closely at the house.  Over all, she’s in good condition.  I think the crank that raises the keel is broken.  Why do I get the feeling that will be expensive.  I found an acronym for boat on the web:





I hope that’s not true.  Or maybe I just hope that the enjoyment of her will out-weigh the expense.  One thing she really needs is a good scrubbing from bow to stern.  After that we already have some ideas on where to start.

1.  paint inside & roofs of all hatch & compartments including doors.

2.  replace all seals on outside storage and hatch.

3. paint inside and roof of all unpainted storage compartments.

4.  figure out how to install new battery.

5.  replace 1 hatchdog knob.

6.  replace the teak boards and trim on the companionway.

7.  sand and stain all other teak on inside and outside of boat.

8.  repair large ding in fiberglass on stern near motor.

Spent the rest of the afternoon laying in the v-berth, hatch open, watching the clouds go by.  Listening to the sounds from the wires hitting the masts- ping- click-clang.  Sounded like an unusual wind chime that was off-key.  Boat was gently rocking back and forth.  Staring directly up and out the hatch, it was easy to pretend I was anchored off in some cove.  My nose kept looking for the salt smell in the air.  That will be an adjustment.  I’m on a lake – fresh water, not salt. It was relaxing all the same.


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