The task of becoming sea-worthy

Swabbing the decks…

We got ourselves all hyped up for a big weekend on the water.  We fully intended to spend both days learning our way around mainsheets, jibs and halyards.  The reality is we scrubbed every inch of the inside of the boat, and all the compartments.  9 hours on Saturday & a 7 hour solo-attempt on Sunday.

Spending time on the boat, we noticed a smell… mildewy, stale.  We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from so we decided to clean all of it to make it go away.  Every inch of the interior fiberglass had a light coating of dinginess on it.   The cushions are in really great condition, a couple of small tears, but their color is bright and fresh-looking.  There was mildew stains on the bottoms of all of them, so I scrubbed them with a soft-scrub sponge and some Clean Shower.

Cabin Before Example

While I was busy with that, TheGuy emptied and cleaned every below-deck compartment.  He rearranged the contents so they’re more user-friendly and make better sense.  Like taking the life-jackets out of the gas compartment (on port side of cockpit) and putting them across on the starboard side of the cockpit.  So we can get to them swiftly, easily and they won’t have a gas smell.

We decided to paint the interior of all the compartments with a complimentary colored garage floor paint/sealant.  We have that scheduled for 2 weeks from now.  While looking for how to sail tips, I happened upon a gent that discussed how happy he was by making this one small change.  We both agree it will be a great first change to get us some painting knowledge.   We continued to scrub the day away.

I didn’t realize how much time and energy it would entail.  There was a point where we found water in the starboard side cabin compartment.  We investigated to see what was leaking.  What we found was good & bad.  The water was coming from the galley.  That’s sailor-speak for kitchen.  The boat is equipped with a dry-fridge/sink/alcohol-burning stove thingy that slides out for use.  The fresh water compartment for the sink had water in it.  and lo & behold, the entire wooden bottom is water-rotted and leaking.  Huge source of the smell and the water.  We pulled it out onto the cockpit (very heavy), drained it and let the bottom dry in the sun.  Although it is fine for now, at some point we will have to replace the bottom of the galley.  I’m thinking to maybe replace the entire bottom of it with plastic and fiberglass seal it.

Our Galley

We took wood-oil to all of the wood trim on the interior.  It really looks good.  Again, I am surprised at the condition of the boat.  While it is going to take some work getting her looking close-to-new, cosmetically she is sound.  Which is good, seeing as we do not know her condition below the water line.  Currently there is a formica table in the cabin that sits between the 2 benches on the port side of the cabin.  We will be replacing that with some really beautiful wood in the next month.  We’ll be able to use all the brackets and the leg from the current table, so only have to buy and finish the tabletop.  TheGuy cleaned the battery compartment and installed the new battery I had bought.  We have lights, it’s too cool.

Sunday I came back alone.  I would have taken her out, but I don’t know how reliable the engine is so we thought it better to wait until there are 2 of us, if nothing else, so one can push our boat away from another boat while the other steers to avoid crashing.  So, I scrubbed the head instead.  That’s sailor-speak for toilet.  Yes, we have this really neat portable toilet on board.  It flushes and everything.  You have to carry it off-board and empty & clean it, which is gross, but… at least we have a toilet.  And TheGuy will be in charge of that duty.


The Cabin After

Ongoing to do list:

1.  paint inside & roofs of all hatch & compartments including doors.

2.  replace all seals on outside storage and hatch.

3.  paint inside and roof of all unpainted storage compartments.

4.  figure out how to install new battery – done.

5.  replace 1 hatchdog knob.

6.  replace the teak boards and trim on the companionway.

7.  sand and stain all other teak on inside and outside of boat.

8.  repair large ding in fiberglass on stern near motor.

9.  install new depth-finder.

10. paint engine.

11. tune up engine.

12. replace table top in cabin.


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