The task of becoming sea-worthy

Does this mean we’re sailing…

Admiral’s log 08/22/2010 

Arriving At the Marina

Today is the day.  We are going to hoist the sails.  Well, sail.  Seems we broke the halyard on the jib sail last weekend.  I called the Catalina people and they will be overnighting me a forestay assembly, it will be at the yacht club on Monday morning.  We arranged for Paul, the boat repair man, to fix the sail Monday.

Well, another lesson in flexibility.  Yes, I paid $60 for overnight delivery of the forestay assembly, but ‘Paul’ forgot to call us Monday morning to let us know the part had been delivered.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…

We arrived at the boat Sunday afternoon.  Although I wasn’t feeling well, it was the day we planned to actually sail, so I sucked it up and off we went.  The plan was to spend all day Sunday sailing then sleep on the boat that night and get an early start on Monday.  The best laid plans of mice & men…

Heading Out On Sunday

Upon opening the cabin, we found the bag of corn-feed we had brought to feed the ducks.  Seems we must have also fed some mice.  There was a big hole in the bag and thousands of ants all over the place.  We sprayed a bunch of them with windex and determined that we needed bug spray to kill them so we could sleep that night.  Off to the store, we got ‘eco-friendly’ bug spray, thinking that it would be safer while we slept.  We sprayed everything down, closed the hatch and took off for our first sail of the day.

Anchored In The Cove

It was fabulous!!  We motored around for a while, checking things out, building our courage.  Then finally, it was time to raise the sails.  The wind was almost non-existent so we were able to practice our tacking with the motor on.  We probably got it up to about 5 knots.  Because the jib sail was broken, we didn’t spend too much time with the sails raised.

We decided to head into a cove to swim & cool off.  Who would have thought it would be another ‘learning’ moment for team knotalot?  We pulled into the cove across from the marina and Guy proceeded to set the anchor.  He pulled up real close to shore, dropped the anchor and waited.  It didn’t catch.  He raised it again and instructed me to get within 10 feet of shore and he lowered it again.  This time it did catch.  The current started to pull us… across and then into the shore.  I sat at the tiller and called out our depth… 12′, 10′, 8′, then 6′, 4’… then I made a decision.  I put the engine into forward and pulled us away from shore, while Guy pulled up the anchor.

Sunday Night's Full Moon

I would have preferred talking about what our plan was before we tried it.  Ya know, throw a few ideas around.  Wives are really skilled at making it appear as though it was your idea all along, if you give us the chance.  But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  We headed across to the other side, hoping the current would keep us off the shoreline.  I pulled up to a depth of 20 feet, then backed out to 25 feet.  Then he dropped the anchor.  We waited, we drifted, it caught, we waited some more.  Finally we could see it was going to hold us in place without trouble.

It was great in the water, wet, cold.  Ok, the water was warm, but definitely cooler in it than out of it.    We finished our swim and headed back to the marina.  We decided to go eat, since we were starving, thinking that by the time we finished eating, the ants would be gone.  When we returned, they were still crawling around.  While many had died, not all of them did.  While Guy resprayed everything, I called hotels.  Just our luck, there was a Hampton Inn right down the road.  Disappointed, we headed to the hotel.  We consoled ourselves with a hot shower and comfortable bed.


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