The task of becoming sea-worthy

Upcoming Holiday

photo courtesy of Corbis

We’re spending Christmas on our boat.  (we’re too novice to have thought to put up lights, I’m so disappointed.)  I’m really very excited about it.  Very quiet, very relaxed.  We’ll leave Thursday night.  The weather shows to be mostly mild.  Thursday night will be foggy & 52`.   Friday it will rain.  I think that is so exciting.  Friday night it will be 39`.   Saturday, Christmas Day, will be 53` during the day and a chilly 28` at night.

With it raining on Friday, we’ll have the rare opportunity to do nothing.  That will be refreshing!  We have a live table-top tree and everything.  I’m trying to decide what to bring – peppermint schnapps hot cocoa or mulled rum cider?


Excellent lights on the SV Toyot courtesy of

We are in the process of completing our renovated galley.  I’m excited about this too.  We used ‘Cat Hair’ fiberglass to cover the wood on the bottom with 2 layers and then TheGuy sanded and bondo’ed over that.  Sanded it smooth and will put a second bondo layer on tonight followed by 2 coats of primer.   Then we’ll paint it with the epoxy, install the stained wood trim and attach the microwave.  I don’t know if we’ll get it finished in time to take tomorrow, but it’s getting closer to being finished.  It’s going to be so cool having a galley that fits our needs.  We still have some important things to complete in the next month.

This is the original list of things still needing to be done:

1.  paint inside & roofs of all hatch & compartments including doors.

2.  replace all seals on outside storage and hatch.

3.  paint inside and roof of all unpainted storage compartments.

4.  repair large ding in fiberglass on stern near motor.

5. paint engine.

6. replace table top in cabin.

Some additional things now that we’re more seasoned sailors:

1.  run mainsail sheets aft to cockpit.

2.  buy second anchor.

3.  replace outhaul sheet.

4.  replace boomvang sheet.

5. replace flag line.

6.  buy italia flag.

7.  rewire mast light.

8.  replace control panel switches.

9.  paint deck.

10.  paint topsides.

11.  paint hull.

12.  buy trailer.


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