The task of becoming sea-worthy

I don’t blog here anymore…

Seems that way, eh?  It has been forever.  Work sucks up all our time. And it is HOT!

Now that we are ‘seasoned’ boat owners, I want to look at what we really need to get done to be happy with that boat:

#1 Mainsail Sheets to cabin:

1 reef line turning block

2 Double Deck organizers

8 Line Guides

2 Rope Clutches (1 single, 1 double)

Handrail Pair 4 Loop

This will enable me to raise and lower the mainsheet & jibsheet from the cockpit.

#2 Teak Replacement:

Handrail Pair 4 Loop

2 Crib Boards

Companionway Trim

Threshold and Weatherboard

2 sets Railwood

1 Handrail 1 Loop

2 Coaming Compartments

#3 Lifeline Replacement



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