The task of becoming sea-worthy

Skills To Learn

Below is a brief list of the first group of information I am going to learn:

Sailing and Maneuvering

Leaving the dock
Beat, reach, run, jibe and tack
Getting out of irons
Proper trim of sail
Proper trim of boat
Use of centerboard
Man overboard procedure
Landing at dock

Precautions and Safety

Restricted sailing areas
Maximum number of people in boats
Procedure after capsize
Explain recall signals

Rules of the Road

Three basic sailing rules
Right of way between powerboats, sailboats and rowboats

Rigging the Boat

Step mast, rig boom and sail
Launch the boat
Care of boat at dock
Set sail and make boat ready
Haul, unrig and leave boat on dock
Roll sail
Furl sail on boom
Rig a small sail
Proper method of cleating the halyard

Leaving the dock


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